While you look after your organization, who looks after you? As an officer or director of an organization your personal assets may be exposed. Executive Liability covers breach of care and can help protect your personal wealth.

Directors and Officers owe a duty of care to its members, who include customers, shareholders, and employees.  This duty of care is an expectation that you will exercise reasonable care when acting on behalf of the members you represent.  The foundation of a D&O policy is to cover this breach of care.

In our litigious society, no private organization should take its duties lightly. Claims, large and small, are filed everyday by former, prospective, and current employees alleging employment practices related wrongdoings such as failure to promote, sexual misconduct, wrongful termination, and gender discrimination.  In addition, suits have been filed from shareholders for failed mergers and acquisitions, failures to procure adequate insurance, financial losses after forecasted profits, and non-intentional mismanagement of funds.

If you hold an office on an executive committee or board, you need to protect yourself.  Contact us today for a detailed explanation of how we can help you minimize the risk and help you obtain proper Executive Liability insurance coverage.

**Remember Errors and Omissions is concerned with performance failures and negligence with respect to your products and services.  D&O is tied with the performance and duties of management and their actions undertaken in an “insured capacity.”  Those policies are not intended for actions taken outside of the capacity as a director or officer.