No matter how large or small your construction or renovation project, a Builder’s Risk Insurance product from SSIA can help protect your investment during construction.

Builder’s Risk Insurance coverage is a special type of property coverage, which indemnifies buildings while they are under construction.  With a variety of carriers specializing in providing such coverage, some of which also include personal liability, SSIA will be able to provide a product that suits your needs.

Builder’s Risk Insurance Coverage Highlights

Coverage for fire, wind, theft and vandalism are typically included in most policies sold in our area.  Typically flood and earthquake must be specially endorsed  in order to be covered.  Property may or may not be covered in transit so be sure and ask your agent if any additional sub-limits apply.

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We offer comprehensive solutions for residential and commercial projects and can provide up to $25 million in coverage per location. Please contact us to speak with an insurance professional about obtaining a Builder’s Risk policy for your next project.

SSIA works with carriers to cover Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida as well as South Carolina and Tennessee. We can assist you with finding the right Builder’s Risk policy for your new home or renovation project!

When Do I Need Builder’s Risk Insurance?

To be properly covered coverage should be effective prior to when materials are delivered to the job site.  Coverage typically ends upon the earlier of closing of the sales, occupancy, or the policy expiration date.  Before your builders risk coverage expires, due to sale or occupancy , you should take out permanent insurance on the building such as a homeowner’s policy or a commercial property policy.