Travel Medical Insurance

Is it important to have Travel Medical Insurance?

ars-beacon-free-quotePerhaps the better question is whether you are prepared to travel without it. While international travel is often interesting, fun, and exciting, it is important not to ignore the real risks we face, even though we do not like to think about them happening. Imagine it is 3 a.m. back home; you are severely injured in a fall. Will anyone pick up the phone at your local insurance company? If they do, can they or will they be able to help you in an emergency? Many health insurance plans have restrictions for time out of your home country or geographic area, which lack coverage. Be confident when you arrive in another country that you’ll enjoy the security of the finest travel medical insurance protection available in the market today. South Shore Insurance has teamed up with Azimuth Risk Solutions, LLC to provide the essential coverage and service to respond quickly, compassionately, and professionally to the emergency mentioned above and hundreds of other travel emergencies.

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Does International Medical Insurance Make Sense for Me?

If it matters to you to have flexibility and security in where, when, and how you receive your health care services, the Meridian Series can offer you peace of mind. This peace comes from the knowledge that you will have the ability to choose access to the best medical care available, either in your country of residence, or anywhere you may elect to go for its delivery in the world. The Meridian Series of plans provides you with a private medical care alternative that allows you to choose from any provider, regardless of where they practice in the world, and know that you have the ability to positively impact the quality of your medical services. Whether you are seeking the richest schedule of benefits in the market today with our Meridian Enhanced Plan, or need an essential set of affordable and predictable benefits with our Meridian Basic Plan, SSIA and Azimuth Risk Solutions, LLC has created a plan to make sure you travel safely.